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Buyers Guide To Fleece Jackets

If your job takes you outdoors you will have no doubt found yourself at one stage or another searching for a jacket that will keep you both warm and dry, especially during winter months. Fleece jackets are an obvious choice, but their ability to satisfy both criteria is very much dependant on the type of fleece purchased. 

Buyers Guide To Fleece Jackets

With so many styles and types available, what originally seemed like a simple decision suddenly becomes a bit more complex. You need to understand what you will use it for before you go out and buy one. Ask yourself, will it be for casual wear, for brief spells of work outside or for extended hours in cold environments? Knowing how you will use a fleece will enable you to find one which provides the protection, warmth, technology and features that you need.

At Garment Graphixs we provide a wide range of personalised fleeces to a range of industries and understand how tough this buying decision can be. We put together this guide to explain the benefits of fleece with advice on the different weights and technical options available to help you choose the best fleece jacket for you.

What is Fleece?

A fleece is a very versatile item of clothing - so much so we believe that everyone should have at least one in their wardrobe. You never know when you will need it!

Most fleece is 100% polyester - a manmade synthetic fibre making it ideal for trapping air and keeping you warm even in extreme weather conditions. It's also an incredibly long lasting and durable fabric.

What Type of Fleeces are Available?

Some fleeces are more suited to activities than others and your choice will be determined by a number of things: the type and duration of physical activity, as well as the climate and weather conditions. To help you decide, we explore the different fleece weights and features available below. Of course all of these can be embroidered so your company can have workfleeces with logo.

100 Weight embroidered fleece 100 weight known as the microfleece is the lightest normal fleece making it ideal for active wear or for wear by those who feel the cold that little bit more. The microfleece is not recommended for really cool conditions. A popular choice is the Regatta Micro Zip Neck Fleece.

200 Weight embroidered fleece 200 weight - a normal or mid-weight fleece,  the 200 weight is significantly warmer than the micro-fleece making it too heavy for active use. This weight is ideal for those doing moderate work outside including getting in and out of vans or lorries. If you are looking for work fleeces with logos, we like the Regatta Thor 3. It comes with two zipped side pockets, a collar high zip and we will throw in one logo for free!

300 Embroidered fleece 300 weight- the heavyweight fleece is the heaviest fleece making it suited to being outside for long periods of time or sitting stationary in cold environments. The fleece is not recommended for active use at all. When buying for your workforce you may be looking to purchase embroidered fleece with your company logo, the Regatta Sigma fleece is our most affordable, high quality fleece in this category.

Our Tip

When it comes to workwear the microfleece is not always ideal due to its lightweight nature it is more susceptible to pilling and tears. To ensure your fleece is long lasting and durable , it may be best to consider more technical options - we discuss the most popular ones below.

Technical Options

Anti-pill - the anti-pill treatment protects your fleece from abrasion, preventing little balls of thread from appearing on the surface. Anti-pill fleece is a little bit more expensive but will prolong the life of the product saving you money in the long run. Our range of anti- pill embroidered fleeces are priced to suit all budgets, our favourite is the Gazelle Fleece Jacket.

Waterproof - fleeces are breathable and will not keep you dry on their own unless they feature a waterproof membrane. Personalised fleeces like the Regatta Omicron 2 are perfect for wear in wet weather with a waterproof membrane and a water repellent finish. Shop the item from our online store and take advantage of our work fleeces with logo embroidered for free!

Windproof - fleeces lined with a windproof membrane will stop wind penetrating the garment allowing you to stay warmer with fewer layers on. We offer personalised fleeces with wind resistant technology from the Snickers Windstopper Fleece Jacket  to the more affordable Uneek Premium Reversable Fleece Jacket in a range of colours.

To those of you who plan to use your fleece in different ways, we advise that you consider purchasing a midweight fleece with a weight near 200 that fits well; you can then simply layer this when necessary to receive unbeatable protection.

We hope you found our guide useful and are well informed to select the right product for you and your colleagues. At Garment Graphixs we offer a wide range of high quality fleeces to suit all needs with personalisation to help your team stand out from competitors. From embroidered fleeces, personalised fleeces or simply work fleeces with logo - check out our range today!

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