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Delviery Delays

Why are some products taking longer to dispatch than others?

Unfortunately some of our brands are taking longer to dispatch than others due to multiple factors and  therefore very difficult for us to provide accurate dispatch information on these brands, though we do have guides on each product page. Certain brands are coming in from europe and taking much longer than before due to customs checks and covid issues affecting their factories.


Snickers comes in from a warehouse in Poland and stock is now taking 10+ days for us to recieve in to our warehouse, we do stock a large section of the snickers proucts here in our warehouse but unfortunelty this is not possible with all sizes and colours due to their vast range.  Also due to covid snickers have suffered delays in getting their products produced and therefore some sizes and colours are unavailable for several weeks or months.


Dassy also comes in from a warehouse in europe and again sufffers delays with customs and covid production issues so again can take 10+ days on certain sizes and colours.


Regattas stock levels have been badly effected by covid issus with their factories accross Asia closed during the pandemic, their best sellers and main lines have all been badly effected.  We are working with our customers to supply alterantives when required, with most lines taking a few weeks to be restocked though some are taking much longer.

Most other brands we can dispatch in several days and we will endever to keep you updated as and when new information beomes available.  All our products have a rough dispatch time stated on them so please be patient we are trying our best to get all deliveries out as fast as possible and would like to thank all of our customers for their understanding at these difficult times.